Northern Outreach & Clinical Services

Agency Description

Our agency specializes in behavioural assessment and treatment of challenging behaviours for individuals with developmental disabilities and multiple or complex needs. Clinical supervision from a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst is a key component within our team for delivering quality ABA services. We believe our staff to be elite in providing a diverse range of direct ABA services to individuals, based on best practices.

We endeavor to work with the individual and their family to develop innovative individualized programs based on preferences, needs, choice, and autonomy.




Therapist Descriptions


Rachel Barber, M.A., BCBA

Rachel became interested in autism spectrum disorders when she met her dear friend (with ASD) in grade 3. Still friends to this day, she has learned the value autistic people bring to this world and has devoted her career to supporting individuals and families with autism in reaching their potential. She believes in the neurodiversity movement and works to empower autistic children and youth to become happy, productive, and self-determined autistic adults.

Rachel completed her Bachelors in Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo and achieved her Masters with a speciality in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Brock University. She became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in 2013, and has had the privilege of practicing and supervising behaviour analysis across Northern Ontario while employed at Hands: The Family Help Network and Child and Community Resources. She is the co- founder of Northern Outreach and Clinical Services (NOCS), established in response to the growing need for innovative solutions required by youth and adults with complex needs in Northern Ontario.

Regan Takacs

Regan has 8 years of experience working with diverse individuals with dual diagnosis across the children’s and adult sectors. Regan began her journey supporting others as she believes in a person-centred approach and meeting n their needs.

Regan graduated from Mohawk college obtaining her CYW diploma and is currently working on a psychology degree through Athabasca University. Regan has completed the RBT training certification through Autism Partnership Foundations. She is the co-founder of Northern Outreach and Clinical Services (NOCS), established in response to the rowing need for innovative solutions required by youth and adults with complex needs in Northern Ontario.

Sara Purvis

Sara is a DSW graduate with 18 years experience working with different ages and abilities; she currently works as an ABA Therapist with Child and Community Resources. Sara is passionate about vocational training and enjoys helping others prepare themselves for the workforce. She incorporates creativity, play and fun in her facilitation, as she believes individuals can learn
best in this space.


Sylvie Grenier, BCaBA

Sylvie is a bilingual Board Certified assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA) from the North, supporting children/youth and their families in the North in both school and home settings. She has a well-rounded, seasoned background in Applied Behaviour Analysis, education and training for children and adolescents with ASD and
Sylvie Grenier, BCaBA developmental disabilities, with sound knowledge of theory and practice of ABA, social groups and sexuality.

Josée Cayen Gander, RBT

Josée is currently a BCBA Master’s student, is completing her RBT certification She has two children on the
autism spectrum and one with ADHD, which initially started her journey towards learning ABA and the positive impact this approach can have in the lives of individuals with autism and neurodiverse individuals. Her passion lies in helping others to create meaningful change, to have an impact on their lives as well as their families lives, especially parents who have also been touched by
neurodiversity as they navigate their own journeys in raising their children. 

Tara-Lee Lecours

Tara-Lee is a private ABA Therapist who has worked with children with autism for over 15 years. Her momentum comes from providing direct support to families through a strength-based approach, to increase quality experiences. During facilitation of SibShops, she has had the opportunity to meet many siblings who have shared the positive and challenging aspects of having a sibling
with an ASD.