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February 4, 2020

A Small Step to Rebuilding Capacity – Private and Public Service Providers Form a Northern Collaborative

Families in the North should choose who, where and when service is delivered and have access to the talented professionals they need. Over the last 18 months Child & Community Resources has lost over 90 talented professionals and many have left the field altogether. The lack of talented professionals in the North adds to the stress that fami...

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NEW Northern Collaborative: Services for Children, Youth, Families and Professionals

Please click on the links below to view available services in your area as well as to learn more about eligibility criteria and the registration process.

About Child & Community Resources

Child & Community Resources/Ressources pour l’Enfance et la Communauté (CCR/REC) is a charitable organization that provides services and community supports to parents, children and professionals to enhance and support the inclusion, integration, and wellbeing of children across the north region of Ontario.