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Using Visuals to Teach!

Using Visuals to Teach!

Skill Building

This presentation will provide ways that parents can use visuals to enhance the learning of young children. Visuals are proven to be exceptionally helpful when teaching new concepts to children with low language, delays in cognition, self regulation/anxiety challenges, and those requiring a bit more time to grasp new concepts or adjust to new situations/environments. I am hopeful that viewers will gain insight into how they can use visuals throughout their everyday interactions with children. Some research to support the effectiveness of using visuals to support children with autism can be found on the Autism Speaks website or by following the link below.


  • Includes a half-hour training, plus a one hour individualized follow-up coaching session for those interested. This session will need to be scheduled with the service provider following registration.

Provided by:
Joel Willett

Available Spaces:

Who is Eligible:
Children aged 0-6 and their families.

Best suited for parents with young children.


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Session Dates

Session dates to be determined.