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Respite Services

What are Respite Services?

Our Respite services are delivered in a safe and inclusive environment.  We work with children and youth to develop recreational and leisure skills through fun and interactive activities, including attending community events, playing interactive games, cooking, crafting, and outdoor play.  Activities are based on individual strengths and abilities.

We work with each child and youth to support the development of social, communication and life skills.

We offer two distinct groups within our Respite services, one for 6 to 12 year olds, and one for 13 to 18 year olds.

Can my family benefit from Respite Services?

We currently offer Respite Services in Sudbury.

Families can benefit from either publically funded Respite Services, or are able to purchase services directly from Child & Community Resources.

We strive to offer high-quality and accessible services to children, youth, families and professionals throughout Northern Ontario.  We have a wide network of community partners, and will do our best to provide supports in your community, at a location most convenient for you and your family.  If this service currently is not available in your community, we are happy to support you with locating additional services and supports.

How do I access Respite Services?

Publically funded Respite 

Any caregiver whose child has documentation from a professional confirming the child’s developmental and/or physical disability and functional limitations may qualify for publically funded respite.  Intake for publically funded Respite Services are handled by Children’s Community Network.  For more information, please contact Children’s Community Network 

Purchasing Respite Services 

Although some Respite Services are publically funded, CCR offers the flexibility of being able to purchase services.  To learn more, please contact Program Support toll free at 1.877.996.1599 or email 



What is the cost for non-publically funded Respite Services?

Respite packages are developed in collaboration with the family. Cost for service varies depending on the respite package selected.