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Behavioural Treatment Services

What are Behavioural Treatment Services?

Using Applied Behavioural Analysis-based strategies, we will work directly with caregivers and their child, in order to help the child develop communication, social and daily living skills, and to regulate behaviour.

Caregivers will work directly with one of our highly trained and skilled ABA Therapists to identify meaningful goals for their child.  Behavioural Treatment Services range anywhere from 2 to 30 hours per week, for 2 to 6 months.  In this time, we will work directly with the child and caregiver to develop skills in key areas, and to address behaviours that interfere with functioning.  One of the goals of Behaviour Treatment Services, is to ensure long term success, outside of the setting in which the skills were learned (i.e. skills learned in home transfer to school setting).

We value strong, collaborative relationships, which is why we will work closely with the caregiver, their family and community partners to ensure the best possible outcomes for each and every child.

What is the cost for Behavioural Treatment Services?

Service packages are developed in collaboration with the family. A flat rate of $55 per hour is charged for direct and indirect time required to deliver and supervise treatment.

Additional costs for travel and program supplies may also be included.

Can my family benefit from Behavioural Treatment Services?

We currently offer Behavioural Treatment Services in Sudbury, Algoma, Thunder Bay, and in the Kenora / Rainy River district. 

Behavioural Treatment Services are designed for families with children and youth, aged 2 to 18 years, who have a confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Services are individualized based on the unique needs and strengths of each child or youth.

We strive to offer high quality and accessible services to children, youth, families and professionals throughout Northern Ontario.  We have a wide network of community partners, and will do our best to provide supports in your community, at a location most convenient for you and your family.  If this service currently is not available in your community, we are happy to support you with locating additional services and supports.